When should I contact the photographer to capture the pregnancy?

Maternity is one of the most important steps in one‘s life – a life that will be forever changed. A maternity photoshoot is a gift you should give to yourself to freeze this moment in time, and remember the joy you felt right then.

When should I contact the photographer to capture the pregnancy?

The best time to capture your pregnancy is when you are about 7-8 months along. It is usually the best time because the belly isn‘t too big yet but has the perfect roundness to it, and you will still feel good enough to pose for the perfect capture.

It would be ideal if you gave yourself and myself some time to plan it all out.
A month or two in advance would give us plenty of time to prepare and talk about our expectations and vision. I will always listen to my client‘s needs and wants, and will be there to help out with outfit choices. If you feel that choosing a dress is too stressful for you, I can always offer something out of my personal collection of maternity dresses.

I always recommend getting a maxi dress that will sit on your body tightly to show off the bump and hide the imperfections that you might feel you have.
We will also talk about the location, and choose one that will best express the emotions and feelings maternity brings to a woman‘s world.
I have a team of a professional makeup artist and stylist. The three of us will offer you ideas for your photoshoot, and we will make sure you look and feel your best in such an important capture!

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